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  • Ulla Suokko

    Doctor of Musical Arts | The Juilliard School

  • Ulla Suokko

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Ambassador to humanity

Finland-born concert artist Ulla Suokko has lived outside of Finland for over 20 years, first in Manhattan, New York and now already a few years in the Peruvian Andes. A virtuoso flutist, she is a spokes person for creativity and also an expressive storyteller in many languages. Her versatile international work is to open hearts and inspire dreams through music, poetry, stories and imagination.

Dr. Ulla has a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from The Juilliard School and she is known as an inspiring artist and an ambassador of light, joy and humanity. In her concerts and workshops one can relax, receive, move energies, raise consciousness, open to new possibilities and transform.

Her flute recital was not a recital in the traditional sense: it was a theatrical presentation, a scientific study, an essay of meditation, a frolic, a history lesson, an exploration of the unexplored, and a reinventing of not just what the flute family can do, but how the heart, mind, body and soul can communicate through its seductive overtones…

-New York Concert Review

Doctor of Musical Arts – The Juilliard School


My own works are multimedia creations, where I compose and record every track the background soundtrack and create the video installation with my creative tech team in the studio. Then I perform as a soloist with the video and sound playing, singing, dancing, improvising. Often the audience has an important part in these works through voice, breath and movement. 

We Are Made of Stars

My latest multimedia work is called: “We are made of stars,” which I premiered first with sound only in the international festival of scenic arts El Arte del Sol in Máncora, and then with video and sound in the international Festival of Winds in Cusco.

Dear Ulla,

You made me see that your Light, Fire, Sensuality, Magic, Humor, Talent, Human Vulnerability, Humility, Love, Joy, Surrender and Hope is a part of me as well.

Cristina Pavey

Music as a Healer…

Ulla is also a messenger of the healing power of music and sound. Besides being a sound healer, she has seen this power in action in her numerous concerts in nursing homes, hospitals, mental wards, prisons, and in hospice care patients homes.


Passionate about learning and expanding, Ulla offers workshops where she shares everything she has learnt and is learning. It is her passion to offer practical tools for every day life. An avid reader and eternal student, she herself keeps her curiosity going. Right now her studies range from shamanism to astrophysics, from the atom to the galaxies, from the Quechua language to the language of light and photography.